Terms and Conditions for participating in the Servas International Conference and General Assembly (SICOGA) 2018

Welcome to the Servas International Conference and General Assembly 2018 registration process.

Before you start filling in the registration page, please read the following information.

I understand that:

1. Until 07.May.2018, 80 places have been reserved for Delegates and other Key people. The remaining places will be assigned on a ‘first pay first served’ basis.

2. By filling in the registration form my attendance has not been automatically approved.

3. The participation fee is 720 US Dollars per person. Korean members will receive additional guidelines for paying equivalent amounts in local currency.

4. The conference will be held in a hostel, which was chosen to provide a reasonably priced place. The participation fee includes 7 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks. The group excursion will be to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), a unique opportunity to experience the only DMZ in the world.

The hostel has not been designed for accessibility. Please contact sicoga2018@servas.org to discuss any possible accessibility challenges you might have.

5 Rooms will be assigned to 3 to 5 people per room and a very few will be staying in Korean Ondol style, meaning with no beds but on floor mattresses. All rooms have private toilet, sink and shower.

For an additional fee of 150 US$ per person, a limited number of rooms for 2 people will be available. I am aware that the availability of these rooms is not guaranteed, and that they will be allocated ONLY after the names of both roommates have been given and both people have registered and paid.

I am aware that the organizers will allocate the rooms and cannot always guarantee availability of any type of accommodation and room that I will get.

6. Any commissions such as bank charges, other expenses for change of currency and depositing the money in SI’s bank account will have to be paid / added by the applicant, so that Servas International receives in its account the full above amount in US$.

7. Once the registration has been paid and confirmed, the cancellation fee is 50 US$, provided the cancellation is made on or before 31st August 2018.

8. For cancellations made after 31st August 2018, there will be no refund. However, if we are able to fill a place released after 31st August 2018, then the applicant will still receive a refund as defined above.

9. No refund at any time will be made to those who have paid 150 US$ for a 2 person room.

10. Participation in the conference is only for the full 7 days. Shorter stays including day visits of a few hours is not possible.

11. All meetings will be conducted in English. Spanish translation is offered where volunteers are available.

12. It is my responsibility to verify by myself about my need of a visa. And in case of need, it is my responsibility to also verify how early can I apply and until when will it be valid.

13. It is compulsory and in my responsibility to be in possession of a valid Travel and Medical insurance policy, which include hospitalization, cancellation and repatriation. In addition, It is my responsibility to check whether I need any vaccinations or other preventive measures and I will seek advice from my own national Travel Health department.

14. If anything happens to me while attending the conference it will be my own responsibility. Servas International, Servas Korea and the SICOGA 2018 Organizing Team will not be held responsible for my health problems, accidents, damage or any loss of personal belongings.

15. Servas International and Servas Korea will endeavor to supply goods and services as described on the web and correspondence, but reserves the right to substitute alternative goods and services if the committee considers it necessary.

16. All participants are expected to behave considerately, in accordance with the spirit of Servas.

17. Food at the conference venue:

a. Besides gluten free, vegan and vegetarian food, the venue kitchen staff cannot guarantee the availability of other special types of food such as Muslim Halal, Jewish Kosher, or any other types of restrictions or personal preferences. But they will do their best to help.

b. Vegetarian food means no meat, chicken or fish, or products made from them. It does include dairy products and eggs.

c. In case of any specific allergy or sensitivity to a certain type of food, it is my own responsibility to verify its non existence in the served dishes.


I confirm that I am a bonafide Servas member as can be verified from the host list and/or the National Secretary of my country. I also understand that if it is found that I am not a bonafide member, my registration can be cancelled and cancellation charges shall apply.

Thank you for reading this information carefully. 

By ticking the "I agree with these terms" check box at the end of the registration form, you will confirm that you have read, understood and accepted all the above Terms and Conditions.

We hope to meet you in person soon!

Please proceed with your registration, and after saving and submitting your registration form by clicking on the blue "Create new account" button below please expect an Email which will guide you how to proceed. In case of not receiving after about 10 min check your spam folder, mainly if you have a Gmail address.

Servas International EXCO, Servas Korea and the SICOGA 2018 Organizing Team