Welcome to the 31st Servas International Conference and General Assembly - SICOGA 2018

SICOGA 2018 - Registration is closed

Dear Servas members worldwide,

On March 19th 2018 I sent a letter to all country@servas.org addresses, inviting all Servas members worldwide to register and join the 31st Servas International (SI) Conference and General Assembly (GA), to be known as SICOGA 2018 in Seoul Korea.

In my letter I asked all National Secretaries and those who receive the country@servas.org emails to forward the invitation to all their national group members.

At the same time, information about the SICOGA 2018 event was published on the Servas www.servas.org web site, under ‘Community’, ‘International Conferences’, SICOGA 2018.

Registration for the conference was done in the order of registration and payment.

We have reached now the maximum capacity for the conference.
Therefore, SICOGA 2018 registration is closed. The formal decision to close registration was made by SI Exco on June 10, 2018.

Thank you for your interest in the conference, and we hope to see you at a future Servas event.

Jonny Sågänger

SI President president@servas.org

The information below is from the time registrations were open !

Welcome to the 31st Servas International Conference and General Assembly - SICOGA 2018

The 31st Servas International (SI) Conference and General Assembly (GA), to be known as SICOGA 2018, is a joint venture organized by Servas International Executive Committee (SI Exco) and Servas Korea with the support of the SICOGA 2018 Organizing Team.

The conference will be held from 13th to 20th October 2018.

We shall be very happy to have you with us, sharing an enjoyable and challenging week of Servas work, together with social activities and the chance to meet old friends and new from around the world.

Our theme for the meeting is "Connecting people and cultures for Peace". As the title suggests, it will be an important event for the development of Servas International as a peace and hospitality organization.

Those who have been part of previous conferences will know what an unforgettable experience it can be, to be part of such an international event where people from so many nationalities, languages and cultures come together from across the world.

The venue is the International Youth Center Youth Hostel located west of Seoul in the Mount Gaehwa area, within easy reach of Seoul and the Incheon International Airport.

For any additional information related to the Conference, the General Assembly and travelling in Korea, you may also visit https://www.servas.org/sicoga2018/ . Some of that information will be updated along the way and some will be also emailed to you later on.

Before registering it is recommended to learn about the Terms and Conditions here.

Bearing in mind the ecological footprint of such an event as SICOGA 2018 on the world’s environment, SI Exco will make every effort feasible in order to minimize its impact. More information about what these efforts will mean in concrete terms will be announced later.

For guidelines in case of request for host in Seoul before and after the conference week please look at section #07 of the following registration site.

Note: In case of any question or facing a problem, please contact the organizing team at sicoga2018@servas.org.

We whole-heartedly welcome you to this important meeting. I'm sure we will all have an interesting, rewarding and enjoyable time together. You will get to know many new people and some of them, I'm sure, will become your lifelong friends.

We look forward to meeting you in Seoul in October!

Jonny Sågänger SI President

On behalf of:
Servas Korea
SICOGA 2018 Organizing Team
Penny Pattison SI General Secretary & SICOGA 2018 Conference Manager